History of Merzifon :
The Merzifon Region vanished under the management of Pers, in 533 B.C. the management of the great Alaxander in 334 B.C. the management of Rome Empire in 29 B.C. following the separation of Rome Empire, it went beneath the regulation of Constantine. Turks who invaded the Anatolian earth took above the regulation of Merzifon. It was ruled via Danişments then It went beneath the managements of Seljukian sovereignty in 1174. Later, Merzifon which was depended active Ilhanlian also Eretnian countries was invaded and departed under the management of Ottoman Empires by Yıldırım Beyazid. Lately, it was a small  municipality depending active Amasya metropolis and it became a municipality organization.

Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Paşa who was single of the grand viziers of Ottoman Empires was from Marinca settlement in Merzifon. He was the captain of Vienna surrounding ended up with defeat in 1683.

Topograpgy – Transportation :
The exterior of the town is 970 km, the centre of town’s altitude is 700, and the highest indicate of municipality is 1900 m. It is a expanse of 47 km from Amasya, 67 km since Çorum, 115 km from Samsun, 310 km since Ankara, 625 km from İstanbul. Its weather is a mixture of dry also warm-rainy climates. It is scorching and arid in summers; winters into this region is warmer and rainer than central of Turkey.

The total lenght of the roads which connect the municipality centre to villages is 306.5 km. 35 km of this lenght is stabilized also 271.5 km of it is asphalted.

The county is on the route also crossroad of Black sea region – east of Anatolians – Ankara – Istanbul roads; also, it is on street and crossroad of Iran-Erzurum-Istanbul and Ankara. All these situations create the transportation to the town easier.

Population status and Administration system :

According to results of 2000 year’s census, centre of municipality population is 45,613 and its villages’ population is 21,688 thus total population is 67,281.

There are  a  small  municipality (Kayadüzü) and 66 villages in the town.


Economic and Community Condition :

The town is on the route also crossroads of Black ocean region – east of Anatolian and Ankara Istanbul, also it is on street of Iran – Erzurum – Istanbul roads also the crossroad of Ankara roads; furthermore the encouragement law (5084) which was ruled in Feburary 06 2004, all these reasons encompass made the trade also industry greater and greater active lately.

If the investments including place allacation are complated, the integer of labourers will arrive 4,000 so that the unemployment problem will vanish, furthermore, the municipality will remove emigrants.

The town is economically also socially an important centre in the region, because there is 5th oxygen Force bottom, Merzifon infontry commander which is depended on the 28th mecanized infontry commanders, air-rader regional captain, a condition hospital inclusive of 200 beds also military oxygen-force hospital with 100 beds.

The centre of municipality’s economy depends active trade also industry howover, town’s economy moreover depends active agriculture also animal husbandry. The 57 percent of the town exterior is agricultural area also just 22 percent of this area can be watered. Mainly, products are; beetroot, sunflower also onion. Milk production have been increased nowadays.

The problem of freshwater into town otherwise villages have been solved and unless for barely a settlement, all the towns encompass asphalted roads. The setback of sewerage has been solved into the centre and 2/3 of towns’ sewerage problem have been solved.

In county centre, the first week of july is Merzifon festival, the sixth of May Hıdırellez (spring festival), the subsequent week of April is Seçen days, the second week of june is Pine Saint Festivals in Kayadüzü municipality, the commeration of Piri Baba (fathers Piri) throughout 9 to 10 september and thanks giving meals are the social activities.

Education, Culture, Health:
There are a Vacational School, an Anatolian High School,  Trade Vacational educate,  Technic also Industry Training High educate, Theological Tranining High educate, Medical Training High educate, and personal school in the municipality. Furthermore, 38 first-secondary schools, public education and apperenticeship education centers in the town.

In the metropolis centre, thither are a football field having a tribune inclusive of the capacity of 5000 persons, a roofed sport centre having a tribune inclusive of the capacity of 750 persons, a roofed sport centre belonging to an anatolian high educate with the capacity of 350 people also some different high schools have little sport centers.

A condition hospital inclusive of the capacity of 200 patinets who encompass to mislead in bed hospital inclusive of 100 beds, a tuberculous dispensary, 4 health  centers 8 health houses are into the municipality. In the town, thither are 68 doctors and 34 of these doctors are specialist doctors.

Historical Places : 

Çelebi Mehmet (Medresseh Front) Mosque :

It is located into Merzifon Cumhuriyet Road also Camii Cedit District nearby the equal named medresseh. It have rectangle form plan. The upper part is roofed by wooden and tile. The wooden poles located in two sequences convey the upper cover. The thick wooden beams active the poles divide the whole niche walls of ceiling in three pieces vertically. The mosque have one entrance looking at north boundary , two doors looking at east boundary and three doors looking at west edge amid these the wings of the the door at the east are quite beautiful as regards of wooden carving.

The entire ceiling of the mosque as wholly wooden seiled mosques into Merzifon, used to be adorned inclusive of vaccine coburs but because of ceiling’s conform during the repairs thither are little amount active the aged beams.

Sofular mosque :

It’s located in the Merzifın Sofular District. The Mosque consists of a fountain and a tomb. thither is negative statements regarding when it was constructed but as regard of its buildings shake it is estimated to encompass been constructed in the end of 15th. century and into the begining of 16th  century.

Organism single-domed small mosque its sketch consists three parted final community location and rectangle plan. The walls of worship location in quadrangular plan are made row ashlar, midway three-four lines brick range techhnique and included the dome rim it is adorned till the cover into the equal way. Together body walls and dome rim also with kirtigtambha. The mosque was  restored appopriate to its originative form via Assosiation overall Directoryship while it was  destroyed, approximately the entire only the lower part of the cylindrical body  minaret is original.

Bozacı Mosque :

It is located in Merzifon district Gazi Mustafa Mahbup  in the place named Ekin Pazarı. The one- domed little Mosque is estimated to have been built into 15-16th century.

It takes part in the conventional arts of this centruy with its body walls made of ashlar, octogon rimmed also tile-roofed dome three belted also domed latest community location.

Kara Mustafa Paşa Mosque

It was  constructed in 1666. Its worship location, planned completely in regtangle shape, consists of two parts. Its  single-domed main piece in the north  was put  three belts also two ranks, so the north partition was  drown back also the location was  broaden lengthwise.

The niche height of inner parts is higher than the different sides also by disappearing the monotony, the fresh view was  brought to the inner side. The passing of large dome covering the main warship place was  suplied via the bend squinch.

The external part is created of ashlar completely. The upper part of warship is roofed by big dome. The corner hole of octogon dome rim is assisted by octogan weight towers and a whole chord has been gained into a aesthetic aspect.

In 1900 years, planned in octagon shape, the ornaments of water- tank with a fountains was previously made via Zileli Eman, in ornaments the aged Istanbul was  defined.

Çelebi Mehmed Medresseh and Clock Tower :

It was  constructed by Çelebi Mehmet, the son of Yıldırım Beyazıd in 1414. As in Selcuklu Medresseh architectural, it was  built four iwaned also square planned shape. The Clock Tower, located active the door door was  added via Amasya Mutarrassıfı Ziya Pasha, in 1865.

Merzifon Bazaar :

It is in the centre of Merzifon municipality in Gazi Mahbup District. It is located into easy of Kara Mustafa Pasha Mosque.It is planned into rectangle form. It is by Mustafa Kara Pasha Walk also built into 17th century.

In the inner location the keen belts combining the dense ranks convey the upper cover consisting of nine domes. since outside it has one- ashlar, body walls consist of three lines brick. But into the core of wholly sides thither is  projecting voult roofed four doors. Among these doors, thither is arasta surrounding the Bedesten. As in wholly bazaars since external the upper coat is concealed by octagon-rimmed eaves domes.

The bazaar, lived its golden ages inclusive of Kara Mustafa Pasha into 17th  century and a building of a center of a centre, today it is still into the focal point of commerce.

Merzifon Stonekhan

Tas Khan located in Merzifon opposite to the Bedesten,is single of the typical Otoman Khans also it shows the characteristic of 17th  century architecture.

Its walls are ashlars and brick resulting . It is planned rectangle form and two floored. Its circle belt door is in the south part. The courtyard is surrounded by ashlared revaks. The two graceful fountains constructed in the north part , in facade of the revaks, insert separate magnificence into the khan.

Pasha Hamam :

It is located in Merzifon (a municipality of Amasya). It was built via the Grand Vizier Karamustafapasha, in 1678. It is single of the beautiful examples of Ottoman’s hamam components of cultural architecture. It have a domed dressing space, a extended rectangular refreshment room, also a heated room active an octagonal tambour roofed with a dome.

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