History :


Hamamözü inclusive of 60 houses was depended on Gümüşhacıköy municipality  in 1887. It became a town centre in 1910 then it transformed into a municipal organization in 1972 also it was set up a municipality organization  in the fifth August 1991 finally.
Topography and Transpartition :


The town was built  into  the west of the metropolis. It has border with Gümüşhacıköy into  the east, Çorum’s Osmancık municipality in  the west. Çorum (45 km) and its Laçin town (12 km) into  the south, Gümüşhacıköy municipality and Osmancık municipality of  Çorum in  the north. Its  surface is 202 km² and altitude is 63 m. The distance of town center since Amasya is 95 km.

The town has a climate which is a mixture of middle Anatolian’s arid and Black ocean area’s warm-rainy climates.

The town’s total earth is 131.227 decare. Agricultural land is 45.2 percent of (59.357 decare) forests are 32 percent of (42.000 decare) and pasture is 13.2 percent of (17.300 decare) the total land. 
Population and Government Status :


According to the results of 2000 years census, center of town  population is  1.511. Its  villages’ population is 4.650 also the total number of population is 6,161. According to previous census 0.9 percent of the centre and 13 percent of the villages’ population has decreased. Total decrease is 12.8 percent of the town population.

19 villages moreover 4 districs are connected to county centre. Only single municipality is connected to centre. Except intended two villages (Arpadere and Aşağıovacık)  are colloctive settled.

Economic –  Social state :


The economic life in the municipality isn’t lively. The people in the municipality exist off agriculture also stockbreeding.The tourism salary, due to the scorching spring in the centre of town, supports the economy of the municipality.Generally the young population go to the large cities to work.
The agricultural area is 59.357 decar, its 12.108 decar (20.4 %of the agricultural region) is irrigated by small lakes. The whole agricultural crops are wheat, barley, fiğ haricot bean, chickpea, tabacco, sugarbeet and poppy. Also, greengardening and fruit growing is done. In order to turn the greengardening in the trade and be able to gain salary, the activities of greenhhouse and walnut nursery gardening are carried on via community support association.

There is negative industry foundation in the municipality. The Thermal foundation (3 stars)was set up by the assist of Municipality also Arkutbey thermal spring, the domestic tourism have increased and especially in summer seasons the house boarding have been developed.

The problems of sewer structure and drinking liquid encompass been solved. In the villages of Arpadere also Damladere drinking water systems aren’ t sufficient also there is negative drinking water system in Arpadere and Mağraobruğu settlement. The 50% of villages’ sewer procedure problems encompass been solved. wholly roads of the villages have been asphalted.

Education, Culture, Health :


The education process into the municipality and in the districts started in the revolution period.The rate of knowledgeable people is 99%. thither are two primary schools and one poli-programmed highschool in the town center. In three villages mixed classes are knowledgeable.

There is one gymnasium and a foootball field, two health centers in two villages. There are places for relaxing also having picnics like Omarca Pine Forest also a family park built by the municipality. The Kuştepe and Kurban Tepesi parks was previously also constructed by the town.

Hamit Kaplan, who is the owner of a complex log, raised in the city. He put active the national uniform 17 era, he succeeded to be the first in the greako- roman style also in the olympic championship in the Karakucak wrestling. Hamit Kaplan took the gold medallion three times after each other in 1956, the silver medallion into 1960 and the bronze medallion in 1964.

The municipality organizes Hamit Kaplan – Adil Candemir wrestling and cultural festivals in prescribe to sustain the improvement of wrestling which is the sport of our ancestors.extra aim is to sustain the economy of the district and to reinforce the friendship of the citiziens and neighbourhood. The Arkutbey Spa and the Gimpaş Thermal facilities are well known via the neighbour cities because of their healing water.

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