It was depended active Gümüş also called as “Hacıköyü” untill 1891, It became a municipality in 1890 then it became a town centre in 1892 and took the name of Gümüşhacıköy.

Geographical region and Transportation :

The surface of the town is approximately 653 km², and its altitude is 810 m. It is at a distance of 70 from Amasya, 18 km from Merzifon, 23 km from Hamamözü and 35 km since Osmancık. The weather is scorching and dry in summers and it is warm also rainy in the centre of municipality; however, it is cold and snowly at the tall parts of it in winters.

The city center was built on a road which connects east and central of Black sea region to İstanbul.

Population and Government Structure :


According to the result of 2000 census; Gümüşhacıköy’s centre of population is 14.057 also towns and villages are 15.718. indeed, it is a county with a population of 29.795.

There are 42 villages depended active centre of municipality and both municipality centre and Gümüş district encompass six districits. 

Economic and Social Conditions :


Although it was built on a road connecting the middle and east of Black ocean region to İstanbul, the economic family are not sufficient in the municipality.

The town’s economy mostly depends on agricultre. The total agricultre region is 14750 hectare also 43 percent of this area (6300 hectare) is watered by numerous pands such as Balıklı, İmirler and Çitlibağlıca. Mainly agricultural products are weat, barley, oast, lentil, beetroot, tobacco, onion and poppy. Production of fresh fruit blackberry, raspberry also activities related to greenhouse take the place of beetroot and tobacco unpaid to the quoto of these two products. It have got 14840 cattle also 19620 sheep, gots etc. according to the data of 2004.

In the town, thither is a tabocco administration factory (name is TEKEL) three flour factories and a textile factory.

Fresh liquid is enough also sewerage conditions is well and the works on innovation of some brooks are going active. Electric, water also communication are fine enough and wholly the village roads are asphalted.

Education, Culture and Health :


There are a high school, a theological high educate, a medical training high school, an anatolian high educate and a tall school containing dissimilar kinds of education programmes so thither are five tall schools, eight first-secondary schools into the city cente and 9 small schools ain its villages. In these schools there are 4320 students totally.

There is a state hospital with capacity of 50 beds and a medical treatment centre in the counry centre; moreover. thither is a medical treatment centre into Gümüş municipality and an different one is into Saraycık settlement.

Historical places :


Yörgüç Pasha Mosque

It is located in the centre of Gümüş town.It was constructed in 1429 via Yörgüç Pasha. Firstly built into semi wooden shape, it was reconstructed as an mud-brick style in 1560. In course of time it was repaired many times and after an earthquake in 1939, it was newly built in 1946.

It’s shaped in lengtwise-rectangular plan,the inner vite tends on four rectangular base,in the middle section thither are three domes, which follow every other, the different sides are roofed by vault.The body walls are covered by till the semi- smooth.The entrance part of the mosque is covered inclusive of the six pillar, five belted, wooden beam on the smooth wooden ceiling. Seeing the recond on a liquid-tank with a fountain in a courtyard, it was understood that it had been constructed in 1903.

Maden Mosque

It is into Gümüşhacıköy’s small town Gümüş. It was built in 1800 as a church although later turned in a mosque. It was planned completely west –east way and rectangular. The inner side is divided into three parts, it is all wooden decorations are the mosque ‘s orginal ornaments turned into the church.

Its  facade walls corners are brimful-stone ,body walls are normal stones . The latest community place is in the foremost place  covered via alaturca tile also it is have three lines eaves.

Haliliye Medresseh

It is located in Gümüş.It was built by Halil Pasha appointed to the gümüş mine emirate via Çelebi Sultan Mehmed in 1415 The surroundings of rectangle garden is wooden , keen belted ,smooth ceiling arcades are turning , the back sides are followed via medresseh rooms also classrooms.

Gümüşhacıköy Bazaar

It is located in the centre of municipality ,in the South of Köprülü mosque It was built via Köprülü Mehmed Pasha in 1660 on behalf of his name as a mosque’ kulliyeh. It’s planned as a extended –thin rectangle shape extended west – east directiactive. Especially the entrance seeing the release place of four doored building is more painstaking also the clock tower was added via Ali Rıza Bey, the son of Yanyalı Mustafa Pasha.

In midway, long rectangle placed in order, it consists of vault covered shops. It is ornamented via high sharp belts consisting all sides of fronts looking at the courtyard.

The deep moulding wrapping along the props in the upper side gives special view also motıon to the inner part.

After the restorations having been completed in the route of time , the entrance door of the bazzaar altered partly and currently attracts attention inclusive of its red-snowy belted knitting also enlives the construction. It is identified that today’s tower was constructed in place of the destroyed clock tower built in 1900.

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