Amasya is connected to the neighbouring cities with the State Road. It is on the state road control stops no 100-17, 100-18, 100-19 ( the Europe-Persia International Transit Road ). Like the residences in the city in general, %90 of the villages have asphalt roads. There is no transport problem at any time.

Approximately 140 buses come to and go from Amasya Bus Terminal in a day. Between Amasya and neighbouring cities such as Samsun and Çorum, it is possible to find a vehicle every hour.


Amasya is on the Samsun-Sivas railway, 261 km from Sivas and 130 km from Samsun. There are 2 big stations (Amasya, Hacıbayram) and 6 stations (Kızılca, Kayabaşı, Eryatağı, Boğazköy, Suluova, Hacıbayram).

Air Transport

The nearest airport is in Samsun, 130km from the city. The efforts to open the military airport in Merzifon to civil flights are under way.

Sea Transport

The nearest port is in Samsun, 130km from the city centre.

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