SPAS of Amasia

A report active 21.08.1987, no 210 via Ankara academia , Ibni Sina Hospital, the Department of Physical medication and Rehabilitation Centre suggested that spa waters into Terziköy, Gözlek, Ilısu and Hamamözü in the interior the metropolis borders of Amasya are from the group of ‘Oligo- Mineral waters’ according to their analysis results.
Illnesses they are efficient  on ;

  1. They regulates vegetative nerve procedure. Asthma problem ceases. They regulate tall and short blood strain. They assist you be calm also heal various dermatologic illnesses.
  2. They encompass sedative also analgesic effects. They moreover relieve the pain of neuralgia also neuritis, exceptionally in incident of sciatica.
  3. They are effective into case of inflammatory rheumatic diseases. Komatoid artrid. Ankilozom Spondilit, Acute Arthritis Rheumatism.
  4. Degenerative Arthritis Diseases (Artoz).
  5. They are effective active female diseases. Dis menore (painful term), Amenore (lack of term), and Parametrit.

Terziköy Spa
It is 35 km from the city centre and located on a 55.000 m quadrangular green earth. Its liquid is 39.5 °C . There is a 72-bedded hotel inclusive of thermal liquid in every room as well as a 45-bedded motel, casino, restaurant, swimming pools, personal cabins, shopping centre, playground, picnic region and distinctive pensions. inclusive of all these facilities, it has an important role in our country’s thermal tourism.
Our province agreed active two contemporary facilities to be constructed in the spa region, one intended the day and the other intended accommodation; although the single for the day have partly been built thus far, also the building activities are going active. On the other pass, accommodation centre has not been started yet.
It was accepted as a tourism centre by the Board of Ministers. Transport to the spa can be completed either into private cars or active public buses.

Gözlek Spa
A two-star Gözlek Thermal Facility (256 22 22) is at 22km of Amasya-Göynücek road. Its water is 39.5 °C .It has a cafeteria, restaurant, indoor swimming pool, personal cabins, Turkish Bath, treat baths as well as 17 rooms inclusive of 34 beds, 4 separate rooms also a picnic area.

Hamamözü Spa
It is 90km since the metropolis centre also in the centre of Hamamözü town. Its water is 42.5 °C. thither is an old bath (Phone integer:787 60 30) as fine as a three-star Gimpaş Hotel (63 rooms, 136 beds). The hotel has a swimming pool and Turkish Baths.

Ilısu Spa
It is 63km since the metropolis centre, into Ilısu Village of Göynücek. Its water is 25 °C.  Thither are not any facilities and accommodation.

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