What to Buy

Some Special Foods :

Amasya Pastry with Chickpeas :
If you come to Amasya, You must taste and buy it . Because it is an uniqe taste of belonging to Amasya region. Turkish spelling “Amasya Çöreği”

Amasya Misket Elmasi (Amasia Marble Apple)
Misket Elmasi (Apple) Amasya name is closely associated with the Misket apple.
Whereever you go in Turkey, if it is the season, you will come across with misket apple as it is also called as “Amasya Apple”. The characteristics of the “Misket”, which is closely asssociated with the name Amasya, are basically due to the geographical  location of Amasya, which is that Amasya is both exposed to a sea climateand land climate, being close to the Central Anatolia as well. This feature is reflected in the type of the apple as well.

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