Sarayduzu Regimental Quarters Museum of National Struggle and Congress Center

Saraydüzü Regimental Quarters Museum of National Struggle and Congress Center  :

Owing to its historical significance, Saraydüzü Kışlası,which Atatürk used as his headquarters during his visits to Amasya and where the Amasya Circular was penned, was rebuilt in compliance with the original plan on the banks of the Yeşilırmak. The building is used both as a museum housing certain documents and works belonging to the Republican Period and a culture center where various organisations are held.The Independence Museum, which is open all year round, houses reliefs and statues depicting Atatürk’s arrival in the city, the welcoming committee and the announcement of the Amasya Circular, along with numerous documents belonging to the period Saraydüzü Kışlası is also used as a cultural center with its exhibition and meeting halls and the amphitheater.The museum is run by the Governorship of Amasya, Directorate of Culture and Tourism and is visited free of charge. Amateur photography and filming is allowed within the museum.

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