Private Museum of the Shahzadah

This building, at the head of one of the oldest bridges of Yalıboyu and built on the walls of the outer castle, is an old, two-storey, timber framed Amasya house, renovated in accordance with the original plan and opened as the Museum House of the Shahzadah.The museum is most popular with the tourists as it displays statues of the Ottoman Sultans who had been trained in the city as shahzadahs. The statues are all dressed and featured according to the portraits available.With all the Hatai and Rumi patterns adorning the walls and the ceilings, authentic calligraphies and gildings on the walls, carpets with the finest examples of traditional weaving, colors and patterns laid on the wooden floors
and the accessories chosen with utmost taste and care,the museum is a perfect replica of an Anatolian Home belonging to the 15-16th centuries.The seven statues on the upper floor depict the Shahzadahs, namely Yıldırım Beyazid Khan, Çelebi Mehmet Khan, Murat Khan II, Sultan Mehmet Khan (Mehmet the Conqueror), Beyazid Khan II, Sultan Selim Khan(Selim the Stern), Murat Khan III, who were trained in Amasya and who later assumed the Ottoman throne. The five statues on the ground floor belong to Shahzadah Mustafa and Shahzadah Beyazid, both sons of Süleyman the Magnificient (also known as the Lawgiver), Shahzadah Ahmet and Shahzadah Alaeddin, both sons of Murat KhanII and Shahzadah Ahmet and son of Beyazid Khan II, who were also trained as Shahzadahs in Amasya but never assumed the throne.A video documentary, depicting the important events of the training and reign of each of these personalities is played in the museum. Visitors can learn the facts and historical events concerning these shahzadahs through this thirty minute video. Foreign visitors are also provided with earphones so that they can listen to the scripts in English.The museum is directed by the Special Provincial Administration and can be visited for a reasonable entrance fee. Visitors are allowed to take photographs and record videos of their visit.

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