The Origin of the name of Amasya

The origin of the forename of Amasya

It is known that there possessed been founder (ktistes) gods or heros in numerous Anatolian cities during the ancient term. This mythologic foundation is also accurate for Amasya.

It is agreed that Hermes was the founder of Amasya, the knowledge was recieved from the inscription ERMHC KTICAC THN POLIN which is on an Amasya coin belongs to the period of the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus (A.D. 193-211).
Following this petite explanation, we can approach to the petite memoir of the origin of Amasya forename;
According to the Hittite documentaries, it is thought that the first identified forename of Amasya is Hakmiş [Khakm(p)is]. It is estimated that this forename had gone on up to The Persians conquered Amasya.
Amasya’s name during the Kingdom Of Mitridates regulation was “Amasseia”. AMASSEIA expression can be clearly seen active the Amasya city coins which was previously coinaged after A.D 2nd century. Geographer Strabon possessed erstwhile used Amaseia intended Amasya.

The word Amaseia means “Ana” ( mother) also ‘Ama’ exceptionally aims to “The Mother Goddess” also it is related inclusive of the ‘Ma’ expression which is the variation of “Ama”. thus, we can say that Amaseia entails “The metropolis of The Mother Goddess Ma”.
The Mother Goddess Ma was a Goddess whose origin was eastern. Worshipping her transformed in extended following The Persians conquered Anatolia. At the same time, this Goddess was the neighboring goddess of Mitridates and Cappadocia. The idiom Amaseia was the adapted form of Hellen language from its real shape into the period of Persians.

During the Romans rule, Amaseia forename used as AMACIAC (Amasia) without changing many greatly. intended instance, we can see AMACIAC forename on the Amasya metropolis coins which were coinaged during Emperor Septımıus Severus, Caracalla, also Severus Alexander rules.
It is identified that Amasia name was also used during the Byzantium term.
The forename of Amasya was sometimes used as Amasiyye, otherwise it was sometimes used as Şehr-i Haraşna throughout Danişmends period.
Amasya name encompass come to these days lacking changing from the periods of Seljuks, ilhans, Principalities also Ottoman Empire.

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