Ottoman Empire Period

Ottoman Period :

Throughout the process when Timur occupied Anatolia at the beginning of the 15th century and started to destroy it to a great extent, Amasya was surrounded for about seven months by Timur’s soldiers.
After Yıldırım Beyazid possessed been defeated in the Ankara Battle, he was taken a prisoner of war. Then the fights over the Crown came about among the shahzadahs. Çelebi Sultan Mehmet, who tried to continue the Ottoman unity during the collapse known as The Fetret Era and succeeded in doing this, created Amasya his military bottom in the years of struggle.
In the term when Yakut Pasha was the Emir of Amasya in 1402, Kara Devletshah was appointed the Emir of Amasya by Timur, although Devletshah was so notorious for his being cruel among the lower also upper classes of Amasya that his becoming an Emir was not recognized by them and his entering the city was not permitted. Therefore, Kara Devletshah settled in Kağala/Hakala Village also dominated the rest of the city from now.
Amasya in the Ottoman era was a sanjak where Shahzadahs carried elsewhere their duties from the first half of the 15th century and it was the centre of Eyalet-i Rum as well.
It is identified that a Turkmen society known as Kızıl Koca Ogulları, lacking getting under any disciplines of the present structure of that time forced the people living into the area to offer them all their possessions and Yörgüç Pasha put this group also their leader to the sword with some tricks.
In the Ottoman term, one of the crucial events in Amasya was the social incidents identified as Celali Rebellions. throughout these incidents taking location especially in the 16th century, Celalî groups moved mostly within the Yeşilırmak valley into which Amasya was located. In this period, immense disorders were experienced.
The most important disorder was the one caused via Urfalı Yazici Abdulhalim who was the Sanjak Bey in Amasya at single time. As a effect of the events of the year 1603, the supporters of Kara Yazıcı Abdulhalim burnt Amasya. This confusion was so serious that the people of Amasya had to shelter inside the King sway Tombs with all their possessions.
Amasya was the historic place of an important treaty in the history of the Ottoman Empire. This treaty, signed in the late April 1555 and known as Amasya Treaty in our memoir, was one of the first and foremost treaties signed with Persia-Safevi Dynasty. In the while, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman was living in Amasya.
That Amasya was named “Shahzadahs’ City” in the Ottoman history was unpaid to the fact that many shahzadahs were transported up here. Among these shahzadahs were the ones who later succeeded to the throne such as Çelebi Sultan Mehmet, II.Murat, Fatih Sultan Mehmet also II. Beyazid. In addition, it is known that thither were shahzadahs who carried out their duties also then died in Amasya.
The crown place of shahzadahs from the date when it was conquered by the Ottomans onwards, Amasya was excluded since being a shahzadah sanjak after Shahzadah Beyazid fled to Persia in 1559 . head from that year, not one of the shahzadahs was previously on duty in Amasya any longer.

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