Iron Age – Med – Persian Period

The Iron Age – Med – Persian Period
On top of the end of the five year lasting conflict between the two strong states of Anatolia, the Lydian and the Meds, the river “Kızılırmak” was admitted as a borderline midway these two forces into the year 585 B.C. and upon this the province of Amasya remained a field within the borderlines of the Meds until the Persian sovereignty started.
After a petite lasting Med sovereignty, into the year 547 / 46 B.C. Amasya, like the thumping majority of Anatolia, remained a field under the sovereignty of the Persian dominion upon the founder of the Persian Empire Kyros defeated the Lydian king Croesus.
By conquests, the Persians divided the lands which were beneath their hegemony in twenty parts and appointed governors to these fields. These proconsuls were named inclusive of the word “Satrap” which has the meaning “The keeper of the crown”. During this period Amasya remained as a area within the east borderlines of the zone named as the “Cappadocia Satraplığı” for approximately 250 years.
At this time certain pieces of the route of the “King Way” which starts from “Sardes” also ends at “Susa” passes from the lowland of Yeşilırmak that also houses Amasya into itself.

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