Iron Age – Cimmerian – Scythian Period

The Iron Era – Cimmerian – Scythian Period
The Cimmerians; throughout their term they transformed into a threat for the states into Anatolia also affected the societies inclusive of whom they were one time in relation in matters of art.

The Cimmerians spread elsewhere in the Black sea region also at this time Amasya and its surrounding remained a field under the sovereignty of the Cimmerian dominion.

Thither doesn’t exist greatly work belonging to the Cimmerian time but active the different hand the metallic conflict tools taken out since a tomb in the “Imirler” settlement of the district of Gümüshaciköy and was previously brought to the mausoleum of Amasya, belonging to this time.

 The dates 675-585 B.C. into the Anatolian memoir were the years during which the Cimmerians and Scythians made feel their existence as a significant force. following that time they slowly lost their strength.
In the era in which the Cimmerians exist, the Scythians as well can be sighted in the arena of memoir. As a substance of fact similar to Herodotus expressed it; The Scythians typically settled on the settlements belonging to Cimmerians. For this reason Amasya also its surrounding witnessed a Scythian sovereignty after the Cimmerian dominance.

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