Hellenistic Age

Hellenistic Era
At the Issus War taking place in B.C. 333, the Persian forces were previously defeated opposed to the Great Alexandra , also many pieces of Anatolia except intended the North Cappadocia area in which Amasya is located came under the rule of the Macedonian Kingdom, thereby starting a period identified as Hellenistic Age also imposing its influence mostly in terms of culture and art. That term is the one which is a synthesis of eastern also western beliefs and cultures.
Upon Alexandra the immense’s demise (B.C. 323), a fresh process commenced in terms of politics in Anatolia. In this process, Alexandra the immense’s successors could not continue the unity of the Empire and that’s why it was divided in several kingdoms.
During these incidents, Persian Mitridates Ktistes founded the Mitridates Kingdom in B.C.301, also declared Amasya its financing.
In Amasya , having continued its put as a capital intended years up to V. Mitridates Euergetes transferred the financing to Sinop, began a big building activity also the metropolis became the centre of culture inclusive of this action, especially into Mitridates Eupator’s reign.
In this period, acceptable relations midway Mitridates Kingdom and Roman Empire ,exceptionally during the reign of V. Mitridates were reversed during the reign of Mitridates Eupator (B.C. 111-63) and as a effect, long lasting Mitridates battles broke elsewhere.
Finally into B.C.63 when Eupator was defeated in the battle midway Mitridates Eupator and the army of Roman overall Pompeius, Amasya was conquered by Roman soldiers. subsequential on, Pompeius, ending the reign of the Mitridates Kingdom also combining his lands inclusive of Bithynia area, formed Bithynia-Mitridates condition . Consequently, Amasya and its surrounding came under the reign of Rome.
Cremia King II. Pharnakes, the son of Mitridates Eupator, succeded in aquiring back the land of the Midridates Kingdom intended a meantime due to the civil wars into the Roman Empire, although upon organism defeated into the battle with the Roman troops commanded via Ceaser by Zela (Zile) in B.C. 47, the land including Amasya came under the reign of the Roman Empire one time again.

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