Bronze Age

Bronza age of Amasia

It is known that there was a thick population in Amasya in the primary period of bronze age (3000-2500 BC). Yassı Tumulus in Amasya Centre, Sallar Tumulus in Gümüşhacıköy county, Tepe Tumulus in Merzifon county, Gediksaray Tumulus into Göynücek county, Türkmenlik Tepe Tumulus into Alakadı village also Kayadüzü Tumulus in Merzifon county can be imparted as the foremost examples.
Amasya was in the border line of (Hatti Country) that was mentioned in documents of Mezopotimia (2500-200 BC) Mahmatlar Tumulus linked to Amasya centre was one of the settled places which belenged to Hatti Country. The Hattian founded a powerfull civilization throughout 2500-200 BC.
Mahmatlar Tumulus was destroyed via the engraves throughout the smugked excavations. After that these treasures were obtained by offical positions. These treasures that contain gold, silver and bronze objects is important treasures of Hatti civilization.

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