Bronze Age – Hittite Period

The Bronze Era – Hittite Period
After the Hattie sovereignty was closed down by the Hittites, Amasya remained in sovereignty field of the Hittites. The Hittites who named themselves with the remark “Nesili” which means “The people who speak Nesice” established a great political communion in Anatolia. In this era the municipality of Amasya remained in the interior the borderlines of the Hittites.
One of the most significant settlements of Hittites in Amasya is the Doğantepe (Zara) community which is situated in the centre area of Amasya. The bronze statue of the Hittite Storm God Teshup which was found in this town and stemmed since the years 1400 – 1200 B.C. is accepted to be one of the significant Hittite works reaching these days.
Due to the effects of famine also drought during the life of Hittite’s depressed era, the Kaşgas who were living into the Black sea mountains according to one’s opinion and the Phrygians to another’s opinion who were also into the community who migrated from the Balkans to Anatolia because of attacks of some people, misplaced their sovereignty at regarding 1190 B.C. In these years as the effect of demolitions, depredations also massacres, the province of Amasya also witnessed the “Dark ages” in Median Anatolia lasting for greater than 400 years. But not much information is obtained about this era.

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