Amasya Protocols at Independent War and Turkish Rebublic

Amasya Protocols :

Kemal Atatürk gave us detailed knowledge in “The Speeches”about “Amasya Negotiations” and Protocols were carried out between the group of Mustafa Kemal Pasha, Rauf also Bekir Sami Beys in the name of the Representative Committee and the War Minister, Salih Pasha in the name of Istanbul Government between the dates of 20th-22nd October 1919. As a result of these negotiations, three explicit and signed protocols and two confidential and unsigned protocols were concluded between together parties.
“First protocol included the demands of Salih Pasha. These demands included the resolutions that the army would not be occupied with policy; and that the movement of the Union and Progress would not be aroused; and that the interventions that would humiliate the administration would be abstained; and that those who were arrested active the grounds of opposition to the organisation, if any would be set free; and that the deported criminals would be punished; and that he thoughts asserting that we had equitable reasons for waging war would be kept confidential; and that the elections would be carried out freely; and that the circumstances that would unbalance the public order would be prevented; and that any article would not be written in favour of or against the administration, etc.

Second Amasya Protocol :
Second Protocol was on 22 October 1919, and it is a record summary of long discussions and negotiations.
In this negotiation, after the head which shows the sides’ common trust on Sultanate and Caliphate, they started to negotiate the decisions which had been taken in Sivas Congress on 11 September 1919:
1- Providing the compliance with the final decision of the countrywide Assembly, the borders that encompass been stipulated before shall be protected (the principle of the integrity and indivisible union of the country was accepted thereof).
It was determined necessary to prevent the disorder by pretending to give independence to Kurds. It was seen that they wanted to create a nation between Anatolia and Arabia to diverse them. It was declared that it wasn’t be accepted to give any of Anatolia. Aydın is moreover indivisible union of the nation.
Trouble in Thrace was that it was thought that it was aimed to create an ostensible independent government and make a colony, aiming to remove the east of Thrace to Midye- Enes line from us. But, it was thought suitable not to quit Edirne also Meriç border in any circumstances even if it would be thought to give them to an Islamic Government.
2- In the fourth item; Any privileges that can derange our political sovereignty and social balance shall not be granted for the Non-Muslim minorities. It was declared that this condition was compulsive to ensure our independence also it would have been a threat to our independence to quit this condition. This principle was agreed that it was the aim that we possessed to be successful.
3- In the seventh item it was discussed how to compensate our technical, industrial, and economical needs active condition that our independence would be kept. If a nation wants to invest money active our country, it will bring about them to have rights to check our treasury, so this subject should be thought also districted by experts of this subject not to be threat to our independence and next The National Assembly will ascertain it.
4- The other decisions of Sivas Congress on 11 September 1919 was previously thought suitable on condition that The National Assembly will accept them.
5- The Anatolian and Roumelian Council for Defence of Rights shall be recognised by Istanbul Government.
In this decision, it was stated that after the National Assembly had the rights of legislation and inspection inclusive of trust and freedom. What would happen to the Council would be stated by the decision of the congress. It was said that this congress was not on condition that it had to be out similar to Erzurum and Sivas Congress.
Deputies who accepted the programme of the Council would be contemplation like delegates who were explained in the regulations of the Council, and their special meetings could be seen as a congress. It was said that after this time, The National Assembly had to work into Istanbul freely and confidently. It was thought that how perhaps it be ensured under these circumstances. Because, Istanbul was into the enemies control, it was thoght that the deputies couldn’t do their legislation employment freely. It was thought suitable to gather the National assembly out of Istanbul in Anatolia where Istanbul government would demonstrate the place like Frenchs possessed done in Bordeaux in Seventy War, and Germans had completed in Weimar until the peace.
After the gathering of The National assembly, if the self-assurance and immunity of it was previously clear, Representatives of the Council would be abrogated and the working aims of their organization would be decided in a special meeting like a congress.
Because, the Government ordered that the election of the deputies would be in a gratis atmosphere, Representatives of the Council wouldn’t have effects active the election.
Representatives of the Council would warn if they realize that some of the deputies were harmful in the army and they were the members of Ittihat and Terakki to not allow them to be elected. Third protocol was prepared to explain how Representatives of the Council would perform this job.
The first also the second protocols were the suggestions of Salih Pasha also they weren’t put in practice. In addition to these protocols, there were 4th also 5th protocols which were anonymous and weren’t signed.

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