Gok Medresseh

Gök Medresseh consists of a mosque, a tomb and a theological school. Seyfeddin Torumtay had the medresseh built in 1267. It is generally believed to have been named as Gök (Blue) Medresseh because of the blue glazed bricks in the octagonal drum of its dome.The massive walls of this rectangular building, used both as a mosque and a medresseh, are built of hewn stone. It has a large entrance with a barrel vault and an iwan. The windows, adorned with geometrical motifs,on both sides of the main entrance display one of the most beautiful examples of Seljuk stone dressing.The door which is similarly an outstanding piece of woodwork is on display in Amasya Museum today.The windows, getting narrower at the upper sections, are ornamented with muqarnas patterns and have rectangular frames.The inner space is divided into fifteen compartments by two rows of four columns perpendicular to the shrine. Each compartment has a vault and a dome built on lancet arches. The semi-circular shrine is rather plain. The tomb, embodying one of the most beautiful examples of Seljuk Art, has a square shaped footing and an octagonal structure with a brickwork cone of stellar-pyramidal contour and a high drum.

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