Castles of Amasia

Amasya Castle (Citadel)
Amasya Castle was constructed on Harşena highland as it was the most suitable place to defend the city. The inner part is created of hewn stone also ramparts are created of unhewn stone. The castle has an eight-smooth defence. From the head of the early Bronze Age (B.C.3200) to the end of the Ottoman Period, it was used for defence.

Kaleköy Castle
On the cliffs to the north of Kaleköy at the 4th km of the gravel road after going north at the 24th km of Amasya-Tokat road is the Kaleköy Castle.

It was built in order to provide security for the caravan road passing through the district in the Roman Period.

Gökçeli Castle
Overlooking Çekerek Valley, the castle is active a cliff to the 1km north-east of Gökçeli Village to the 8km north-west of Göynücek Town. It was used as a military post into the Roman Period.

Baraklı Castle
To the south of Özbaraklı District of Taşova, the castle is 2 km far away. It was used to supply security of the caravans passing through the district in the Roman Period.

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