Geographical Location

 Geographical Location of Amasia :

The city of Amasya is situated into the inner parts of Median Black sea area. It is surrounded inclusive of the provinces of  Tokat in the east, Tokat and Yozgat in the south, Çorum in the west also Samsun into the north.

The acreage of the Province of Amasya is 5.701 square metres.

The total length of the province border is 492 kilometers also has a border extent of 169 kilometers with Samsun, 165 kilometers inclusive of  Tokat, 6 kilometers with Yozgat and 152 kilometers with Çorum.

The entire Province have an altitude of 1.150 meters and the city centre has an altitude of 411,69 meters since the ocean level.

Amasya is situated between 34º 57’ 06” – 36º 31’ 53” east longitudes also 41º 04’ 54” – 40º 16’ 16” north latitudes.

Amasya which has a distance of 336 kilometers to Ankara also 671 kilometers to Istanbul lies from its neighbor provinces in a distance of 92 km. to Çorum, 131 km. to Samsun, 114 km. to Tokat also 196 km. to Yozgat.
The distance of the metropolis center to the districts; 46 km. to Göynücek, 68 km. to Gümüşhacıköy, 90 km. to Hamamözü, 46 km. to Merzifon, 27 km to Suluova and 48 km. to Taşova.

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