Sinisu Pastry


• 6 eggs, flour
• ½ cup of water
• 250 gr butter
• 1 kg desalinated cheese
• parsley, salt

Add the eggs, salt and water to the flour to obtain a soft
mould. Leave the dough to rest for thirty minutes with
a wet cloth spread over it. Divide the dough into 8 equal
pieces. Roll out the dough to obtain fi llo dough. Leave
the fi llo dough to dry slightly. Put the fi llo dough into
boiling salt water. Remove the fi llo dough from salt water
and cool the pieces in cold water. Sieve the water. Oil the
tray. Place the fi llo dough in the tray. Between each layer
of fi llo dough, put in the cheese-parsley mixture. Place
the tray over the fi re. Turn the pastry upside down to
cook the upper surface as well. Cut the pastry into small
squares before service.

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