Traditions and Customs

Traditions And Customs

Wedding Customs :
Marriage age is about twenty in Amasia. Monogamousness is overall preferred and people want to get marry to their relatives in this region. Its single of the reason is not to divide inheritance so they want bride and groom into the same culture and they should be from near places.
If a boy wants to marry, he reverses one of his father’s shoes, otherwise sometimes he drives a nail into his father’s shoes to the threshold, or he wear his shoes wrongly. (He wears right shoe to his left foot, and left shoe to his right foot) This mean ‘Marry me!’.
If  juvenile girls want to marry, they show this feeling by their active behaviours, or sometimes they can have discord behaviours inclusive of the other members of the family.
It is believed that if a young girl can’t marry, her fortune is closed, so, to open her fortune, they go to saints and pray there. The fasten is opened on Friday at sela time.
People who desire to marry their son go to the girl’s home. Firstly, they want water since the girl, they look at the cleanliness of the flute and carpets, they look at the general appearance of the house. If the impression is positive and youngs like every other, they go again a few days later to inquire for the girl as a bride for their son.
relations olders of the boy’s side go to the lass’s house. While they was previously chatting, the oldest person of the boy’s family enters the subject and he says ’ We ask for your daughter as a bride for our son, with the order of Allah and affirming of the Prophet. Girl’s family affirm ‘If it is her wealth, it can possibly be’. although, they don’t resent this marriage immediately. Boy’s relations go a few times to her house.
If the lass’s family intent to offer their daughter to that lad, after they search and research the boy’s family, they send a message to approach to their home again.
To promise to give the lass ;
After the invitation of the girl’s family, boy’s family olders come together also go to the girl’s house. At this meeting promise rings are worn by the girl and the boy. also, engagement, wedding dates and the wants of the girl’s family are determined. After wearing the rings, bride and groom candidates kiss the hands of the people who are thither, and they pray. They gulp sherbet and eat Turkish delight to hope that everything will go sweetly.
To buy the needs ;
The bride candidate is taken to the shopping inclusive of her mother by the groom’s family. They buy jewellery and things, engagement cloths also wedding gown, beside them, they buy shirts, cloths, socks, etc. as presents to the relatives of the bride candidate. This is called ‘buy the requirements’.
Engagement Party
It is overall performed in the girl’s house at weekends. To invite people to the engagement , someone from boy’s house goes and invites people to the engagement by giving a candy or an invitation card. The person who invites people is called ‘reader’.
In the lass’s house, meal is imparted to their guests. The bride candidate sits in the central and the presents are announced by a person who have a loud voice and revolve them around the top of the girl. And jewellery is worn.
In the engagement term, if there are religious festivals, sacrificials and presents are sent to the girl’s home.
Marriage Ceremony ;
Drum and clarion group starts playing on Friday, they hoist the flag as a sign that there is a wedding. Wedding steward also head of the young males are found. Best man also best woman (who are qualified people to look after each works and things for the bride and the groom) are chosen by the bride also the groom. The meal is serviced to the guests. This is called ‘danışık yedirme’.
People come together in a wide area if they are in a village or into a saloon if they are in a city on Saturday. They have fun with the music, something is treated to the guests. The wedding is finished with attaching jewellery to the bride and the groom. All the expenses are paid by the groom’s relations.
Henna Night (Henna party) :
Henna Party is performed in the girl’s house on Saturday. Henna is prepared by the girl’s mother, and position in the tray and thither are candles around it. Bride sits in the middle of the place and she wears traditional henna cloths and she is cried by henna folk songs and chants. A gold is put into the palm of the brides hand also it’s hennaed.
People go to the bride’s home with the groom accompanying inclusive of the drum and clarion. Henna which was prepared into the tray with candles, nuts, towels, handkerchieves are around it. This tray is sold to the best man (helper to the groom). After taking the henna, people turn back to the groom’s house by dancing. (if the girl’s home is in a village they take a chicken with them).
Grooms Henna :
While the finest man is hennaing the groom’s hands, he put his finger into the henna also then he raise his finger, he count from one to three then bachelors try to catch the hennaed finger. It is believed that whoever catches the finger first, he will marry next. The rest of the henna is scattered to the friends of the groom. (With the hope of their marriages.).
During the henna evening bride and grooms friends wait with them. At this evening, the names of the bachelor girls are written under the bride’s shoes. It is believed that whose name will be rubbed out from the shoes, she will marry presently.
Taking Bride
The bride’s car is ornamented to remove the bride on Sunday. Bridal procession is composed of the cars of the relatives, friends, neighbours, etc. They go to the bride’s house. while they reach to the bride’s house, kerchieves, chiffons, towels are attached on these cars as gifts.
Young girls don’t open the door of the bride to the bride takers to take gratuity also they also sit on the packing case. Gratuities are imparted by the wedding steward, the doors are opened and the trousseau of the bride is carried. While the trousseau of the bride is being carried, ‘the pillow of good news’ is brought to the groom’s house ( it means ‘bride is coming’) and it is given to the mother-into-law in exchange for the gratuity.
Bride’s brother lock the red ‘brother band. following the bride says goodbye to her family, her father offer her to the bride takers and they pray.
Bride is brought to the groom’s house after a tour. The bride doesn’t get elsewhere of the car unless her father in law gives her gratuity. Before the bride comes into the house, groom sprinkles nuts, coins, etc. to the bride or mother in legislation breaks a pot which have coins. (Its aim is to cause the bride get rid of bad behaviours and thither will be wealth.) The bride is stepped on the sheep fur (They want bride behave like a sheep) She rubs the oil which is imparted to her hand over the threshold (They want her to melt like oil and to warm up her house just) And then she steps active the iron basin. (They desire her to be strong similar to iron.).
After the bride comes into the house, she sits on the trousseau packing incident, her side is towards to the direction of Mecca. A male child is given to her lap. The bride gives candy to the people who are there. People who exist around come to see the bride.
To send off Soldier :
The young who are going to join to the army are invited to meals via their neighbours, relatives, etc. weeks before. They give them pouch money, clothes, and gifts. The young are sent off via their familiars accompanying with drum and clarion, Anatolian folk dances, and prayers.
Circumcision Feast :
Circumcision feasts are generally performed at weekends. The child who is going to be circumcised is taken to the Turkish bath. (hammam) Circumcision gown is worn. Car convoy is made upwards by the guests’ cars. The child who is going to be circumcised and his friends are taken to the metropolis or surroundings tour, and next he is brought to the house and cicumcised. Guests trip the child and give their gifts. Meals are served also people have fun with composition and dance. Besides this; thither are people who performed circumcision feast by chanting the mevlit.

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