Traditional Hand Made Arts

Traditional Hand created Arts

Hand made arts are made in our province and help our people to earn their life.

 Hand made arts made in our region are;

Carpet and Kilim Weaving

Carpet wieving have recently started to offer help to the region’s economy again. Carpet wieving is being completed in Yassical town also Sariyar Village.

Tin Samovar  :

As local area persons have the habit of drinking tea, producing samovar has been improved. making different sizes of samovars special for Amasya region is going on.

Waistcloth, Bed Sheet Weaving :

They are weaved in Merzifon area with as identified whipped loom. Especially bed sheet, table cloth, waist cloth are weaved dissimilar types and designs

Needle Embroidery :

It is created all over the region. It’s been recieved rich especially embroidering Scarf, collar flower, handkerchief, foulard, wallet etc.

Wood Arts :

With the art of carwing and wood arts different from musical instruments (saz,kanun,ud,etc)differnet kinds of farming tools and home furniture are made.

KIRNAP – Rope Spinning :

It is a hand made talent used especially in Gumushacikoy area more than others. By the ropes spinned with hemp or goat hair with named “kırnap” by the neighboring people sack, kilim, saddle bag, bag and ropes with different thickness are made.

Hot Iron :

It is produced as a iron axe, hatchet, adz, trivet, knife and etc.

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