Local Meals

Local Recipes of Amasia

Amasya have an entrenched culture aggregation because of its historical existence, it has a rich vegetation because of its ecological structure. These richnesses spread to the kitchen culture.
Each region has its own meals. but some of the meals are identified in the different regions, they can have different features in our area. Main meals of our city are;
Soups :
Fork Soup, Soup which plunk on the beard, Toyga Soup, Cilbir, Helle Soup, Kesme ibik Soup, boiled and pounded wheat Soup.
Meals inclusive of Meat :
Stuffed extensive Bean, Okra inclusive of Meat, Keşkek, Stuffed Lung otherwise Liver, Stuffed Navel, Madımak (a kind of vegetable), Mıhlama, Darm and Rumen, Beet with Pastrami, Eggplant Pehli, Broiling Pastrami, Pirpirim (a manner of vegetable), Lung with Vinegar, also Watery Meatball.

Sweet Pastries:
Dene Hasudası, Kuymak, Yuka dessert, Quince Dessert, Apple Dessert, Oven Milky Dessert, Bride’s Finger, Gömlek Kadayıfı, Riddle Dessert, Höşmerimi Peluza (Hasuda), Sugar Patty, Don’t Forget Me, Bread with Sour Cherry, and Zerdali Gallasi.
Pastries :
Amasya Patty, Flaky Pastry inclusive of oil, Rice inclusive of zucchine Crust, Bişi (Dough is baked in grease), Cırıkta-Cızlak-Akıtma, Twisting, Bread Meal (papara), pass is on the Flank, Cookie inclusive of Hasheesh, Puaça with Hasheesh also Walnut, Hengel, Kaypak, Mayalı, Rice inclusive of Eggplant, Tray liquid Patty, Tray Tatty, Yakasal Patty, also Yanuç.

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