Amasia’s Local Folklore

Local and Neighboring Folklore


They are generally played into wedding feasts, henna nights, special nights, and to dispatch off the youngs who are going to join to the army.


This play is mostly played via the young who are going to join to the army. It carries bravery feeling into itself.

Mahir Çavuş (Sergeant Mahir)

Sergeant Mahir is a hero who lived in Göynücek district. He loved a lass who lived into a village. This play is dedicated to their adore, it is played by the area’s people nowadays, and it is adopted and loved.

Sim Sim

This play is played by turning surrounding the fire inclusive of one hand is at the rear and the different is up accompanying with the drum and clarion. different player comes in the play inwardly and hits the person who is in the central to drive him away and next he cries also starts his participate and his demonstrate quickly. The crucial thing in this play is to be quickness of the player also aesthetic of his play. Besides, two players who encompass compromised show a play mutually.

Different Folk Dances are:

  • Amasya Ağırlaması
  • Burçak Tarlası
  • Candarma
  • Çerkez Halayı
  • Dallihe
  • Düz Ağırlama
  • Esen Yel
  • Hoşbilezik
  • Karlıdağlar
  • Kasap Oyunu
  • Köroğlu Halayı
  • Küstahlı
  • Manili
  • Mektepli
  • Narilli (Narey)
  • Noktalı
  • Oduncular
  • Sarhoş Halayı
  • Sarıkız
  • Semah
  • Tamzara
  • Tanakul
  • Temürağa
  • Topal Kız (Sırıklı)
  • Yanlama
  • Yelleme (Sallama)

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