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During the Romans rule, Amaseia name used as AMACIAC (Amasia) without changing many much. For example, we can see AMACIAC name on the Amasya city coins which were coinaged during Emperor Septimius Severus, Caracalla, and Severus Alexander rules.
It is known that Amasia name was also used during the Byzantium Period.
The name of Amasya was sometimes used as Amasiyye, or it was sometimes used as Sehr-i Harasna during Danismends period.
Amasya name has come to these days without changing from the periods of Seljuks, Ilhans, Principalities and Ottoman Empire.

Amasya is the administrative district of Amasya Province in northern Turkey. It covers an region of 1730 km², and the population is 133.000, of which 74.000 exist into the metropolis and the remainder into surrounding villages. Altitude is 411 m.

Amasya stands in the mountains above the Black sea coast, the city was built into a thin gorge ahead the banks of the Yeşilırmak river. But by the Black Sea this area is very tall overhead the coast also has an inland weather, well-suited to growing apples, intended which the province of Amasya is famed.

In antiquity Amasia was a fortified metropolis high active the cliffs above the river. This area have a extended memoir as provincial capital, a wealthy city making kings also princes, artists, scientists, poets and thinkers, from the kings of Pontus, through Strabo the geographer, to many generations of the Ottoman imperial dynasty also right up to organism the place of an important instant in the life of Ataturk. inclusive of its Ottoman empire period wooden houses moreover the tombs of the Pontus kings carved in the cliffs overhead Amasya is unmoving beautiful to visitors.

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